Sunday, August 28, 2011

Students Rebuild's Crane Art Installation for Japan

I recently received an e-mail announcement from Students Rebuild, a non-profit organization that was collecting paper cranes for rebuilding efforts in the tsunami-affected part of Japan back in March.  I had sent them over 1,400 cranes made by people at the camp, the school and the senior residency, all of where I teach (read this post for more details).

Back when they were asking people to donate cranes to match their money donation from Bezos Family Foundation, they said that their intention was to make the paper cranes into an art installation.  Now with a help from an artist named Vik Muniz along with some volunteers, they have turned the cranes into a beautiful photographed piece.  It's exciting to know that those cranes made by us are included in this big piece of art.  They made the photograph into posters, and they are now for sale on Students' Rebuild website.  The proceed will go to aid long term recovery and reconstruction.  For more details about this project, read this article on the New York Times.

Photograph by Andrew Moore for The New York Times

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sidewalk Art

One of many reasons why I love living in Portland is how abundant its art scenes are.  There are arts everywhere, not just for sale or for formal display, but also just for fun, like the ones that I found on sidewalks during my walks.  It's fun spotting things like these on grimy streets.

Friday, August 5, 2011

End of My Working Summer

Today was the last day of my camp job.  This is my 5th year working there, and as always, it has been crazy, exhausting but fun-packed, amazing and inspiring 6 weeks.  I feel relieved and sad at the same time that it's over.  It's almost impossible to try to describe how special this camp is for me, or for anyone who is involved.  One of many reasons why it is so special is because of all the amazing, creative people that I get to work with.  I feel so privileged to work in such an inspiring environment.  Here are some photos from there.

Stage Arts from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Scarlet Macaw puppet made by Puppetry Specialist

1,000 paper cranes as prayers for world peace

Framed Ninja Star Quilt made by the campers for the camp auction

 Small paintings by campers in Fine Arts Center

Beaded earrings made by Native American Assistant.  They were gifted to me.  What a sweetheart.

 A scene from Fiddler On The Roof on the last day