Monday, February 27, 2012

Japanese Doll Festival at the Portland Japanese Garden Recap

Despite the rainy/snowy cold weather, I was busy having an origami Hina doll making workshop at the Japanese Garden last Saturday.  And thanks to my helper it went pretty smoothly.  Making dolls and flowers with pretty colors of paper make me feel girlie.  It was fun!

Here is what my Hina doll diorama looked like...

Lolipop heads and bead eyes... but everything else made of paper.
My booth.  My lovely assistant in the background.

In the pavilion where I had the workshop, they also had displays of beautiful seven-tiered Hina dolls, as well as some artworks (watercolor paintings and ikebana flower arrangements).

Photo by Jonathan Levy, borrowed from the Japanese Garden website
(because my photos didn't come out well)
Ohara style ikebana  & Painting by Stephen Futscher

I got to enjoy exploring the garden after the workshop.  No matter what time of year I visit there it is always so beautiful.  I love that it always looks different reflecting each season.

Very "mossy" this time of year.
I love the curly branches of this tree.

Beautiful detailing of the woodwork...
The geometric pattern of this stone lantern's window reminds me of chiyogami. 
Perhaps I am workaholic...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Japanese Doll Festival at the Portland Japanese Garden

I will be working at anther beautiful "Garden" later this month!  This time, at the Portland Japanese Garden, for Hina Matsuri, the Japanese Doll Festival.  I will be offering a simple origami Hina doll making workshop in a drop-in setting.  The photo below is a sample of what I will teach to make.  It's a greeting card which can be used for Hina Matsuri or a wedding.

I will also have a display of my own little origami Hina doll diorama, of which I won't include a photo because I want it to be a surprise!  All I can say is that it came out cute, and I'm proud of it.  After the workshop I will post a photo here.

The workshop will be offered for free with garden admission on Sunday, February 25th from noon to 3pm.  It will be offered inside of their pavilion, where they will also have display of their gorgeous seven-tiered Hina dolls.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's at the Oregon Garden Resort

Happy Valentine's Day (belated)!  This is how my work station has been looking like for the last few weeks.  The tapestry is made of a cotton cloth (tenugui in Japanese) that my sister bought for me in Okinawa, a southern island of Japan.  It depicts a typical scenery of Okinawa with bougainvillea, tiled roof and lion guard dogs.  I thought the pink and red colors of bougainvillea make it appropriate for Valentine's.

Last weekend (pre-Valentine's) I had a special trip to Silveron, a little town about an hour drive from Portland.  There, I taught a Valentine's themed origami workshop for the Junior Gardener's Club at The Oregon Garden.  Afterward, I enjoyed the privilege of staying at the resort with my little family.  What a treat!

The Oregon Garden Resort is a very special place, with beautiful 50-acre gardens to walk around.  And it's dog-friendly!  We enjoyed exploring the gardens while the sun was out.  In the evening we got cozy in our room with a fireplace and a patio.

Silverton, where the resort is located, is an artsy little town filled with antique and other types of cute shops.  It's near Silver Falls State Park, which is another good place to visit, and only one hour drive south from Portland.  If you live in the Portland area, I highly recommend visiting there.  It's a perfect spot for day-long or weekend-long getaway!

A view of the gardens
Winter hazel has lovely scent.
50's circle skirt picked up at a local antique shop.
Photo taken in our hotel room.