Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Local Artist Spotlight: Tommy Twimble

This is Thomas Schroyer, aka Tommy Twimble.  He is a vaudeville performer.  Strange things happen sometimes in Thomas' presence, either on or off stage.  When I took this photo, during a hike, he was almost kidnapped by a Bigfoot.

I've known Thomas as a friend for over a decade.  As long as I've known him he has always been incredibly creative and unconventional.  Besides being Twimble I've known him as a musician, a puppeteer, an iron sculptor, etc etc...  But Thomas as Twimble is my favorite of all.  He is like a clown, but without annoying pranks and creepy colorful makeups of a typical clown.  I love his sense of humor!  Thomas creates everything from music, props, and plots for his shows.  Here is a little peek of what his shows are like on Youtube:

Thomas performs as Tommy Twimble at theaters, night venues, libraries, schools, festivals, and at other special events.  Check out his website: for upcoming shows or show requests.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Local Artist Spotlight: Cindy Lommasson

I would like to start featuring some of the Portland artists that I have gotten to know over the years, as a series on this blog.

First off, Cindy Lommasson is a Chinese brush and ink painting (aka sumi-e) artist and instructor. Cindy and I first met just over a year ago when we had a group art show together at Collin's Gallery. We appreciated and talked about each other's work. We both teach our art classes at Multnomah County Library locations and beyond.

Here are some of her paintings that I especially love (posting here on my blog per her permission).

I've taken three sumi-e lessons from her so far, and I'm really starting to get hooked on this profound form of art. Sumi-e is somewhat similar to Japanese calligraphy (aka shodo), which I had learned in my childhood, but to me, sumi-e is much more enjoyable because it's less rigid and more colorful than shodo.  I get into a sort of meditative state whenever I am doing sumi-e, just like when I do origami.  It's a very therapeutic feel, I love it!

Most recently, I took Cindy's sumi-e class on roses in colors at a library. As always, I enjoyed her class. She is so calm, patient, informative and inspiring.

Here is Cindy demonstrating the stroke for thorns.

Right now roses are perfect object to paint in Portland. I loved playing with different colors to paint the roses.

In the coming months Cindy has more classes on roses at various locations of Multnomah County Library. For more information on her paintings and classes, check out her website at: