Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hina Matsuri 2014 Recap

Hina Matsuri at the Japanese Garden this year attracted a lot of visitors despite the rain.  My student helper did super awesome, for the second time since the last event that we did together at the Oregon Historical Society.  He is only an 5th grader, but growing up in Montessori environment he must know exactly how to be helpful.  I am so proud to have him help me.

7-tier hina doll donated by Dozono Family

Close-up of the dolls...

My display area with my helper on the left,
getting ready for the workshop

My diorama hina dolls in the center,
greeting card nina dolls  on right and left

My helper teaching the visitors

Japanese sweets for sale by Yume Confections

In front of their pavilion

Looking down their sand garden

I love the Doll Festival; it really makes me appreciate being born as a Japanese girl.  The garden was so beautiful as always, even in rain.