Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My New Bathroom Decorations

Over the past year we got our bathroom remodeled.  I absolutely love how it came out to be!  McNearney Construction did an amazing job.  It used to be the least favorite room of the house; I lamented to use the old and not-so-functional room every day for over a dozen years.  But now it's absolutely the best room in the house.  It was worth a long wait.  Still a tiny, one-and-only bathroom in the house, but it has some really cool features like a radiant heated floor, a built-in soap cubby, motion sensing lights at floor/ceiling, a motion sensing flush toilet, and a hidden medicine cabinet that comes out of a dead space.  It is so functional, comfortable, clean and beautiful. 

I love the fact that this small space seems to get ample amount of light for taking photographs.  I have been enjoying taking photos of my origami arts, as well as my flower arrangements in the room for my Instagram page.  Here are some of the photos.

Japanese quince flower arrangement in the soap cubby

Cherry blossoms with an origami vase cover.
I enjoyed ohanami while taking a bath.

Rose petal bath

Japanese quince flower arrangement.
The vase cover is made of origami.

A collage art made ofDouble Pyramid
(model designed by David Donahue).

The Double Pyramid is used as an iPhone stand.
It's nice to have when I want to listen to music while in the bathroom.

Yaezakura (double-layered variety of cherry blossoms)
I picked up during a walk and floated on water.

 Pruned a neighbor's apple tree branches that were
crowding our yard over the fence, just in time of them blooming.